FLOY 2 in 1 Pillow Blanket


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Premium super soft weather adaptive Velvet material.

A double layer, warm travel pillow blanket has a very high level of comfort and can be used while sleeping, working or watching tv in a variety of different locations and will keep you warm in many situations.

From 30*30cm pillow to 140*200cm blanket allowing it to be taken to many different situations, such as in a car, plane, airport, office, or while camping, will enable it to be stored easily at home as it can be stored as a pillow.

It can be used as a throw blanket: allowing it to easily fit on your couch as a throw blanket while watching a movie, while also not taking up too much space.

Snap Hook: You can easily clip this pillow blanket to any backpack or to any other luggage, making it Perfect for Airplane Travel. Would also make a Great Gift for any traveler.

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