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Oia Fabric Posters Set

Sale priceLE499.00

  • Description:

-These posters are made from the high quality velvet fabric in a variety of designs so you can find the perfect one to match your décor.

  • Features:

-Made from high quality velvet fabric.

-Printed with vibrant colors.

  • Benefits:

-Add a touch of luxurious to your home. Modern touch

-Create a focal point in any room.

-Show off your personality and style.

-Easy to care for.

Set Includes : 

1 Large Poster Size 90* 44cm

2 Small Posters Size 42*22cm 

Hanging Accessories Includes : 6 Wood Pieces and 3 Strings 

      Oia Fabric Posters Set
      Oia Fabric Posters Set Sale priceLE499.00